Our History

Established in Western Coast, USA,1985

Technical centers built for high speed spindle development. Cooperated with Mitsubishi and developed our own Akira Mi Controller for easily operated and user- friendly interface with incredible performance.





In order to enhance our customers' competitiveness in the USA market, we expanded 5 warehouses in California that allow 150 machines (220 maximum) in regular stock between 1991 and 2003. Thus, we have a solid wide customer base in USA.


Based on 20 years experiences in both machine tools manufacturing and marketing, we invested 2.5 millions dollars to build first  Akira-Seiki factory in Taiwan. We came up with line-up product to bring the success from USA to the global market.




With the success in the industrialized countries, we build reliable machinery for customers to promote and grow much more competitive in global. Akira-Seiki increased US$ 3.5 million asset to build 2nd factory in Taichung Industrial Park.

New factory settled in New Industrial Park. Combining three factories into one for a better factory management.