Instant Online Service

   Follow-up service will handled online according to 24 hours resolving policy.


    by internet support from global Akira-Seiki agents.


    We are responsible for keeping 

    your machines running as usual. All the service issues will be replied    




Expert Service


Support Your Needs. Anytime, Anywhere.



Akira-Seiki, being one of the main manufacturers of precision machine tools, we totally understand you need a trustworthy channel to answering your questions and problems. We offer technical support and troubleshooting problems that you may encounrtered. Our engineers are available and are always ready to help you.


Certified Technicians



We prepare all the spare parts you might need urgently in our stock. Actually, all Akira-Seiki dealers are required to store a full line of each machine spare parts for service. We will not allow your machines be idly because of the waiting. Thus, our engineers are ready for any urgent situation. 


Make unnecessary downtime a thing of the past with our guaranteed 48-hours shipment and the fast and friendly service. Access us through the support hotline: +886-4-2355-2495  Ext:541